Meet L & L


Lindsay Norris

Lindsay started her performing career before she even realized how much she loved music. She played an orphan in the musical Annie, and a passion for song and performance was born! Since then, Lindsay has starred in many live theatre performances, including the role of Diana in Next to Normal. Lindsay is a mother of two beautiful children, who also share her passion for music. Lindsay is a teacher, and loves to incorporate music into her job as much as she can! Her sultry, raspy voice is soothing and bold!


Laura Ruthven

Laura began taking vocal lessons at a very young age, and takes her vocal inspiration from singers such as Ella Fitzgerald, Rihanna, and Theresa Sakurako. Laura has been singing professionally since she was in high school, and has since traveled around Canada singing lead vocals with Juno Award winning jazz musicians. Laura is a mother of two amazing boys, and they love nothing more than to sing and dance to the classics with their mom! Laura has a beautiful tone, and singing style that is soothing to the ear!